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Good news, the longest, most tedious portion of the entire production is done. Onlining comes after the final cut is locked and is done to give the film a unified, polished look. This primarily includes color correction and color grading to match a disparate array of shots from different settings and different cameras and combine them under a stylized color palette. Another part of onlining is combining any visual effects shots, fixing lighting problems, and any compositing. 


I used After Effects CS3 with scripts from the DV Rebels Guide. I followed the process described in the “Onlining” chapter of the book and am very satisfied with the outcome. 


For the look of the film I pushed the shadows towards purple, the midtones towards an orange and the highlights to a pale yellow. This is a much less stylized example of color grading because I loved the colors of the location that we had to begin with and wanted to do just enough tweaking without losing them completely. The final look has a more stretched range of color and a more rustic, weathered feel. My goal was to mimic the look of a movie shot on film as much as possible. The DV Rebel’s Guide was great for unlocking the secrets behind achieving this in some of the tools in After Effects.

As a result of these past two months of work, the movie is a visual whole and not an amateurish hodge-podge of shots.

So where does that leave the film now? Well the only thing left to do is audio: effects and soudtrack. Keep checking back to stay posted on where the project is going. 


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