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I just locked the final cut tonight at 21 minutes 52 seconds and 25 frames! I’ll post some color correction tests and examples as I move into the onlining stage. I’m very excited now because it feels like most of the “real” work is done. The story has been told essentially, its just time to make it easier to watch. I know that’s not completely true, but there is still the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Wish me luck as I dive in to After Effects.


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Teaser Trailer

Incase you haven’t checked it out yet – see the teaser trailer:

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Are We There Yet?

I’m still procrastinating locking the cut. I have reviewed the film multiple times and made a few revisions. I’ve shaved about 3 minutes off the run time, mainly in the dialogue heavy scenes. I’ve also been working on a few visual effects shots – primarily adding smoke to the gunshots.

I hope to post a discussion between Richard, the executive producer, and myself about the film’s initial creation process, as soon as I find time that won’t take away from progress on the final editing stages. So keep checking back, more is coming soon.

Also, I want a couple extra test screeners. Comment on this post and let me know if you want to see the rough cut and I will include you in the limited-time screening of the film.

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