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My $15 Camera Mount

I just wanted to show off a camera mount I built for a movie I shot this spring. It is based on a design I saw online for alot more than I wanted to spend. It is made out of PVC pipe and joints which, including the glue to hold it together was about $15. It has a simple threaded bolt that goes through a hole in the middle X joint and a thin piece of wood with bicycle intertube to better grip the camera base.

I heated the longer section of pipe in the oven until I was able to bend it in to a curve. This allows you to press forward with your hands to stabilize the rig against your neck, like you could with a camera strap. I don’t have the footage on this computer, but I’ll post some shots soon that I did using the mount.

It has been very helpful in shooting actions scenes, allowing me to get a very steady shot while still having much greater flexibility than a tripod. I also shot an interview in an art gallery with it.

I’ve used it both with the compact Canon HV20 and the larger Sony HVR-Z1U. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions – I’ll be glad to give you more details!


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The second cut is complete – that is most of the edits are final and the film just needs sound and visual effects! As I add these in, I’ll be refining this cut even more. Over the next week I’ll focus primarily on the visual effects, in particular the credits at the end and the logos at the beginning. I am just starting to get my feet wet in After Effects, so I’ll see what I can do in terms of animating those logos.

Look for a few more posts over the next couple days. I may post some pictures of the $15 camera mount I created for the film and some demo footage. I just got the DV Rebel’s Guide, which I am very excited to read. And hopefully I’ll post a review of it once I complete it.

Stay tuned.

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